For over 30 years NW Motorsports News Services has been producing publications for the motorsports industry in the Inland Northwest. From weekly coverage provided in the NW Auto Clipper to event publications, newsletters and specialty newspapers.

And yes, even in today's world that is all over the Internet as THE answer, there is still a place for the old fashioned newspaper or newsletter as part of your marketing program.

One of the biggest needs of a race team, association or motorsports facility -besides going fast, quick, getting to the finish line first and putting on a GREAT show to your fans - is to attract the backing of marketing partners to help make it all work.

Northwest Motorsports News Services can produce the materials you need to put your best foot forward and hopefully get in the door of businesses to show them how motorsports can work for them.

Take a look at some of our samples by clicking on the PDF files below and then get in touch to see how we can work for you.

Northwest Motorsports News Services is currently in the lengthy process of researching books about regional motorsports. We have no specific timeline on finishing these projects since these efforts are contingent upon available time. We certainly invite your questions and input.

"Powerful Promises: The story of the rise and fall of Spokane Raceway Park"

The first-ever race at the track in 1974 drew some of the top names in the sport of drag racing and Spokane Raceway Park and had a hugely popular run of success for some two decades.

This project will tell the story of Spokane Raceway Park, now of course Spokane County Raceway. The book has a pre-publication title of, "Powerful Promises: The story of the rise and fall of Spokane Raceway Park."

The book will seek to examine how the facility went from the beautiful dream of founder Orville Moe to a legal nightmare for the hundreds of stockholders who helped fund the effort. Our purpose is not to point fingers in any one direction but to let the key players tell their stories and let you decide. The book will all look at some of the great history that took place over the years at SRP through stories and many rare photos. Be sure to contact us via E-mail if you have a story or information you'd like to share.

The Golden Age of Northwest Drag Racing
Drag strips dotted the entire Pacific Northwest in the 1950s and our region produced some of the top names in the sports in later years. We're accepting stories – and even a final title – for this book.

This book project will tell the tales of those glory years of northwest drag racing. This is a very preliminary title and we welcome ideas on a better title. This book will look at the sport from its inception just after World War II to the mid-1970s. In other words just about the time the rear-engine dragster changed the sport.

It will be the story of the many greats who came out of the region and went on to stardom in the big leagues. From Saturday and Sunday match-races to super stardom as many notable Northwest names.

Do you have stories or information you'd like to share? If you have a contribution you'd like to provide - no, not money, but memories -   on either of these books please be sure to contact us either via E-mail or phone: (509) 844-5934. And if you have an idea for a book, please don't hesitate to contact us.