As we say, going fast is YOUR job...telling everyone about it is OURS!

This is not just a slogan for NWMotorsports News Services but our mission.
While we may not know the first thing about developing horsepower out of an engine, we do know how to get RPM's out of the media and marketing.

You’ve spent untold dollars putting together a racing operation your undoubtedly proud of.  But by the time you finish that job, travel to and from an event – and probably go to a REAL job – promoting your operation is lost in the dust.

So there are times when you want to show off that hard work to sponsors, fans and the community. You just flat run out of time.

And here’s the brutal truth when it comes to motorsports and the media.
They just don’t understand what makes you do what you do. And we’re not just talking the technical stuff, let alone going FAST! They are just all too consumed with the old traditional sports, because that’s what they understand best.
So you have to tell them your story first before they can tell your story. Because you DO have stories to tell.

That’s where NWMotorsports News Services fits in to provide you with a wide array of promotional services.
• News releases           
• Feature stories
• Professional photography
• Web pages           
• Media kits           
• Eye-catching sponsor and marketing proposals and more! (Pricing for starts about the cost of a full tank of gas)

We’ll admit we find it hard to do even the most routine automotive maintenance – let alone rebuild a motor or fix body damage – but we DO KNOW what it takes to try to get you ink in your local paper, or film at 11.

The principles involved in NWMotorsports News Services has been involved in media and marketing for over 30 years and we have an unmatched knowledge ot the market in the Inland Northwest.

Let us help tell your story.

NWMNS Fees (Hourly/monthly)
Monthly Rate
10 hrs. min. per month
$40/hour – $400
Up to 15 hrs. per month
$35/hour – $525
Up to 20 hrs. per month
$30/hour – $600
21-30 hrs. per month
$28/hoiur – $578-$825
31 or more hrs. per month
$25/hour – $775
Open rate for services:
1 page news release: $50
2 page news release: $75
Feature story writing: $150
(Prices include distribution to Northwest media outlets or to specific locations)
Open hourly rate: $50

Email us to see samples of our work.