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Story links from work done by Northwest Motorsports News Services:


Spokane County Raceway and IHRA tie the knot (SWX - 2014): Back when Spokane County Raceway first opened as Spokane Raceway Park in 1974, it hosted drag racing events that drew packed houses to watch some of the top names in the sport. In 2015, SCR hopes to bring back some of that flair by becoming the first track in the west to be sanctioned by the International Hot Rod Association.


Chump Car 36-hour race - Meet The Mad Greeks (KXLY - 2013): Learn more about what drives these guys to take part in endurance road racing.


Chump Car 36-hour race - 36-hour endurance race continues (KXLY - 2013): Chump Car racing is an entirely novel way to take part in road racing.


IKF Go-Karts visit Spokane for their final major race of the season (KREM - 2013): These aren't those little homemade karts from your kid days when dad wondered where the lawnmower engine went.

Visit: and search: Gold Cup, karts to view this story.


Big Back In (KXLY - 2012): This community event shuts down the streets of Spirit Lake, Idaho, but does so for a day of fun – and fundraising – all using souped up riding lawnmowers.